Silver set Soley


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Embrace the soothing allure of oceanic beauty with our “Soley” Silver Set, a captivating set adorned with stunning 15mm Swarovski baguette crystals in the serene aquamarine color. Handcrafted with love and artistic brilliance, this one-of-a-kind set is a true celebration of elegance and the essence of the sea.

At the heart of the “Soley” Silver Set lie the stunning 15mm Swarovski baguette crystals in the tranquil aquamarine hue. These crystals, known for their refined shape and brilliance, evoke the calmness of crystal-clear waters and the sparkle of sunlit waves.

The pendant, graced with an exquisite aquamarine baguette crystal, measures 4 cm in length, capturing the essence of the sea’s serenity and elegance.

The “Soley” Set features elegant aquamarine baguette earrings, each measuring about 5.5 cm in length. These earrings sway gracefully, mirroring the gentle movement of ocean waves.

The elongated baguette crystals add a touch of sophistication and allure, making the “Soley” earrings a stunning complement to any outfit.

The “Soley” Silver Set is a treasured masterpiece, crafted with care and artistic brilliance to create a design that is truly one of a kind. As a unique creation, this set ensures that you possess a truly exceptional and exclusive piece of jewelry, making it a cherished addition to your collection.


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