Silver set Solar


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Embrace the radiance of the sun and the captivating beauty of the sea with “Solar” Silver Set, a charming set that exudes the essence of a sun-soaked summer.
Handcrafted with love and artistic brilliance, this one-of-a-kind set is a true testament to the uniqueness and allure of nature.
At the heart of the “Solar” set lies the Illuminating Abalone Cabochon Pendant, a breathtaking centerpiece that captures the splendor of sunny days and the iridescent colors of the ocean. Measuring 3.5 cm in length, this pendant emanates a sense of wonder and fascination, like the shimmering reflections on calm waters.

To complement the pendant, I made Abalone Cabochon Earrings, measuring 4 cm in length. These earrings sway gracefully, mimicking the gentle dance of waves under the sun’s warm embrace.The earrings mirror the pendant’s charm, showcasing the same mesmerizing abalone cabochons, creating a harmonious and enchanting summer set.


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