Silver set Radiant


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Get ready to bask in the beauty of the sea with our “Radiant” Silver Set, a mesmerizing set that showcases the iridescence of abalone cabochons. Crafted with love and creativity, this one-of-a-kind set is an ode to the enchanting wonders of summer.

At the heart of the “Radiant” set lies the Dazzling Abalone Cabochon Pendant, a truly stunning centerpiece that evokes the colors of the ocean and the shimmer of the sunlit waves. Measuring 4 cm in length, this pendant captures the essence of summer with its radiant and playful hues.

To complement the pendant, I made Abalone Cabochon Earrings, which are 4.5 cm in length. These earrings delicately dangle and sway with every movement, reflecting the allure of the ocean’s waves.

The earrings showcase the same breathtaking abalone cabochons, beautifully harmonizing with the pendant and creating a cohesive and enchanting summer set.


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