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Introducing the enchanting Silver Set “Evening Star,” a mesmerizing set crafted with Swarovski crystals in striking green and purple hues, adorned with delicate silver wire.

The heart of the set is the Evening Star Pendant, a captivating centerpiece measuring 3 cm long. The pendant showcases the dazzling brilliance of Swarovski crystals, reflecting the enchanting colors of a twilight sky. The 45 cm silver chain complements the pendant’s elegance, ensuring it gracefully adorns your neckline.

Complementing the pendant are the Evening Star Earrings, each measuring 5 cm long. The earrings beautifully capture the celestial allure of the set, with the Swarovski crystals in green and purple mesmerizingly sparkling with every movement.

Meticulously handcrafted, the Evening Star Set is a true testament to artistic ingenuity and attention to detail. The combination of Swarovski crystals and silver wire creates a harmonious and radiant design, making this set a stunning addition to any jewelry collection.

As a unique and one-of-a-kind design, the Evening Star Set embodies individuality and exclusivity. However, this design can be personalized and I offer you the option to choose crystals of your choice to create a custom-made set tailored to your preferences.

Embrace the captivating beauty of the Evening Star Set and let it be your guiding light, whether you wear it to add a touch of celestial elegance to your everyday look or to make a radiant statement on special occasions. Experience the magic of this handcrafted masterpiece and cherish it as a symbol of your unique style and beauty.

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