Silver set Dream Catcher


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Step into a world of whimsical beauty and sunlit dreams with “Dream Catcher” Silver Set, an exquisite set that captures the essence of a magical summer. Handcrafted with love and artistic finesse, this one-of-a-kind set is a true celebration of the ethereal and the charming.

At the heart of the “Dream Catcher” set lies the Radiant Sunflower Medallion, a breathtaking centerpiece that reflects the brilliance of the sun and the vibrancy of nature. With its slightly longer length of 7.5 cm, this medallion exudes an ethereal charm and captivates the imagination with its enchanting design.

The sunflower, symbolizing joy and happiness, takes center stage in the medallion, surrounded by delicate silver filigree and adorned with sparkling blue crystals. The combination of sunflowers and blue crystals brings forth a sense of summer’s blissful days and serene skies, creating a captivating and harmonious masterpiece.

To complement the medallion, I made Whimsical Sunflower Earrings, each boasting the same length of 7.5 cm. These earrings sway gently, mimicking the graceful movement of sunflowers dancing in the summer breeze.

The earrings showcase the sunflower motif and feature the sparkling blue crystals, harmonizing with the medallion to create a charming and cohesive summer set.

Embrace the magic of summer with our “Dream Catcher” Silver Set. Whether you wear it to a garden party, a sunny picnic, or a whimsical fairytale event, this set promises to elevate your summer style with its captivating and original allure.


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