Silver earrings Seashells


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Transport yourself to the serene shores with silver earrings “Seashells”, adorned with natural aventurine beads. Meticulously handcrafted,  these earrings are capturing the essence of oceanic beauty and the allure of seashells, resulting in a one-of-a-kind design that is as unique as the treasures of the sea.

The alluring aventurine beads, known for their enchanting shades of green that evoke the soothing hues of the ocean, lie at the heart of the “Seashells” Silver Earrings. Lovingly earrings in sterling silver, the beads’ natural beauty is enhanced, reflecting the essence of the sea’s splendor.

Measuring 4 cm in length, the earrings perfectly balance elegance and versatility, complementing your every look with a touch of coastal charm.

The “Seashells” Silver Earrings celebrate the timeless allure of seashells found along sandy shores. Each earring boasts a graceful seashell design, reminiscent of the treasures washed ashore by gentle waves. The harmonious combination of aventurine beads and the seashell motif creates an enchanting masterpiece that captures the spirit of the ocean.


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