Bracelet Tree of Life


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Introducing the captivating Wire Wrapped Bracelet “Tree of Life,” a stunning piece of jewelry meticulously handcrafted with a unique blend of silver and copper wire, adorned with a mesmerizing labradorite cabochon weighing 17 carats.

At the heart of this exquisite bracelet lies the enchanting labradorite cabochon, radiating its iridescent beauty and captivating hues. The labradorite’s play of colors adds an air of mystique and elegance to the design, making this bracelet a true statement piece.

Meticulously wrapped, the silver and copper wire to create a tree of life pattern, symbolizing growth, strength, and interconnectedness. This intricate design beautifully complements the labradorite cabochon, enhancing the bracelet’s allure and making it a meaningful and unique accessory.

The length of this beauty is completely customizable, ensuring a perfect fit for the wearer’s wrist. I take your measurements in mind to create a bracelet that sits comfortably and elegantly on your wrist, allowing you to enjoy the piece to its fullest.

Moreover, this exceptional design can be recreated with a stone of your choice. Whether you prefer the shimmering beauty of crystals, the vibrant colors of semi-precious stones, or the elegance of pearls, I can tailor this bracelet to your personal preferences.

Embrace the magic and symbolism of our Wire Wrapped Bracelet “Tree of Life,” a true testament to artistry and individuality. Wear it with pride and let it be a symbol of growth and connection as it adorns your wrist. Whether you wear it for a special occasion or as an everyday statement piece, this bracelet promises to captivate hearts and make you stand out with its captivating beauty and meaningful design.

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