Amber brooch and ring


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Experience this handcrafted Silver Ring and Brooch set, where timeless elegance and natural beauty come together, adorned with the radiant allure of amber.

Indulge in the perfect harmony of style and versatility with this Silver Adjustable Ring, featuring captivating amber gemstones. The adjustable design allows you to customize the size, providing a perfect fit for your finger and making it an ideal gift option as well.

Amber, with its rich golden hues and ancient history, adds a touch of warm sophistication to this set. Meticulously selected for their unique color and natural inclusions, each amber gemstone transforms this set into a distinctive piece of wearable art, reflecting the beauty of nature’s own time capsule, preserved and polished to perfection.

The brooches in this set showcase amber in all its splendor, with each gemstone handpicked for its individual beauty and character, ranging from golden honey tones to rich cognac shades. The long pin design ensures the brooches remain securely fastened to your attire, be it a jacket lapel, scarf, or blouse. For added convenience, a needle protector is included, allowing you to wear and store the brooches with confidence and ease.


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